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 OMEGA 3       

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With 24,000 watts of tanning power, NOTHING WILL GET YOU DARKER. The Omega 3 is a true hybrid of technology, this bed is perfect for people who want to take their tanning results to the next level.

XL 800

178_Ergoline800ex[1]The XL800 is one of the most luxurious tanning experiences. Featuring 13,000 watts of tanning power, amazing results can be achieved in as little as 3 visits. Deluxe features include: aromatherapy, dedicated shoulder lamps, powerful facial lamps, a contoured bottom acrylic, aqua-mist and built in air conditioning.


hollys phone 003One of our most popular units, the Orbit provides 11,000 watts of tanning power. This bed coined our phrase “3 visits and you’re golden brown.”  For best results tan every other day for 3 sessions, then once or twice a week to maintain a healthy glow.



Sundazzle 2M provides 10,000 watts in as little as 9 minutes you can see amazing results. Vertical tanning  allows  you to tan those hard to reach places like under your arms. Standing during your session, will allow you to achieve even tanning results with this high browning unit.



Providing 7,600 watts of browning rays. This tanning bed is ideal for those tanners looking to gradually build a base tan. The Odyssey is a 15 minute max session, with three facial tanners, it will give you a comfortable experience.



This unique tanning bed provides UV lights for your legs. A comfortable built in chair allows you to expose the lower half of your body for just 10 minutes. Ideal to increase tanning results on your  lower body.




Our conventional tanning bed offers 3,000 watts with session times of up to 20 minutes. Two to three visits a week will maintain a base tan.

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